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Fresh tracks


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Game-Changing for All:

The 2023 Ski-Doo Lineup

Something for trails and mountains

by Steve Janes

IMG 0480 CMYK Troy Oleson Web
Troy Oleson
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Tony Jenkins

There’s no argument that there’s a stark difference between finding solace deep in the backcountry of British Columbia and ticking off trails that weave through the hills of Wisconsin. While the two riding styles might seem worlds apart, there’s one thing that connects them—there’s a snowmobile that will get the job done and leave you grinning ear-to-ear no matter what type of riding you’re doing…

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Our ambassadors

20 years of REV at BRP


It was a snowy New Years Eve in Valcourt, Quebec, and 15-year old Joseph-Armand Bombardier had an idea. Eager to find a better way to travel across snow, Bombardier mounted a Model T engine on top of two wooden sleds, a gift from his father to pacify his constant tinkering. Little did his father know, that gift was about to change snowmobile history. 

With the right mix of ingenuity, hard work, and imagination, Bombardier “drove” his new vehicle for a kilometer that day before his father shut down the operation. Nonetheless, the stage was set: Bombarder had envisioned a more efficient way to travel across snow, and he wasn’t stopping there. 

Rev History Illustration


Joseph-Armand Bombardier is born in Valcourt, Quebec.


On New Year’s Eve, Bombardier mounts a Model T engine to two wooden sleds, creating the world’s first snowmobile.


Bombardier is officially founded to manufacture the 12-passenger B12 snowmobile.

Rev History 1942


Release of Ski-Doo Summit, the first purpose built mountain snowmobile.


BRP begins development of REV Platform.


REV Platform revolutionizes the sport of snowmobiling with its release.

Rev History 2003


Updated REV XP Platform debuts.

Rev History 2008


BRP Releases all-new REV XS Platform.           

Rev History 2013


REV Gen4 platform and industry leading Rotax 850 E‑TEC engine are introduced in tandem.

Rev History 2017


BRP Releases REV Gen5 platform, once again changing the game with the leading power-to weight ratio.

Rev History 2023

Deep snow

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summit x With EXPERT PACKAGE

Game-changing power with an all-new platform that takes riders deeper than ever.

The power of our innovative Rotax E-TEC engines will satisfy even the most powder-obsessed rider. Experience agility that takes things to a whole new level.

Adventure is out there. Let’s get after it.

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Summit Edge

Built to climb, sidehill, and handle the mountains no matter where you go.


Deliver more in every adventure. From the innovative LinQ cargo and storage solutions, to avalanche safety and more, you’ll find exactly what you need to level up your ride.

logo bc series ski doo

“When I’m looking for outerwear, I look for something that’s lightweight and high performance. That’s what the BC series is all about.”
– Carl Kuster


Inspired by British Columbia’s backcountry, built beyond CONVENTION.

Born and bred for the deep snow experience, our BC Series features tech-driven gear tested in the most extreme and legendary environments of British Columbia—the mecca of big mountain riding for snowmobilers from all around the North American snowbelt. BC apparel exceeds standards and features new materials and an exceptional fit and finish that go beyond even the most demanding deep snow fan’s expectations.

BC Aspect collection

Pro Built, Pro Tested, Pro Ready: 3-Layer Shells To Go Deep

When it comes to the BC Aspect Collection, less is more! This collection was built by the pros for the pros, and our 3D garment engineers have tested the fit of each item for maximum comfort and mobility…

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Move with
the mountains

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Give us your best shot, nature. Introducing the BC Kona series, the one-piece suits that combine durability, breathability and great style. Built with top-of-the-line Sympatex and Cordura fabrics and available in plenty of styles and colors to choose from for both men and women, our Kona 2-layer shell collection is the do-it-all collection you need.

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Gear that goes deeper

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Pyra Helmet


Pyra is designed completely in house, which has allowed us to take this MX-style helmet to the next level. They’re specifically designed with our riders’ needs in mind and offer advanced deep snow safety and performance at an affordable price point.

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929041_10_02 Web

Energy-Reduction Technology for Extra Protection

Our Pyra helmets feature ERT, a 4 mm foam layer engineered to reduce the effects of both rotational and linear impacts. This improves head protection, provides safer riding, which means less chance of concussions or brain trauma.

Flint goggles

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Flint Google_RGB Web

Breaking Trail

The women of ski-doo stake their claim in backcountry


Breaking Trail ashley chaffin 4 3 Web
Ashley Chaffin
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Stefanie Dean
Breaking Trail Shena Web
Shena Thomas
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Nadine Overwater

Atop the ridge looking down into a steep ravine, Ashley Chaffin’s eyes search the dark timber to see if there is an obvious route to the bottom. Without hesitation, she crests over the slope to take a quick look to assess whether she has time for one more adventure.

Breaking Trail Shena 9 Web
Breaking Trail Stefanie 3 Web

“I am very competitive and very driven for progression so that was my ultimate drive for the first few years.”

Breaking Trail Ashley 4 Web
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Backcountry X-RS

Push your limits thrashing trails and test your mettle in the deep snow with the sled that gives crossover a whole new meaning.

Go everywhere your sense of adventure takes you. Experience sleds that blend our legendary trail performance with serious off-trail capability and get into the do-it-all attitude that defines today’s crossover riders.

We’re asking all our passionate riders to stand with us and take The Pledge to ride only where it’s allowed, so we can ensure our sport continues to flourish today, and for future generations of riders.


Add comfort, storage and more to make every ride last longer. From the innovative LinQ cargo accessories that let you take as much as you want, to customizable comfort options, Crossover accessories take the ride beyond what seems possible.

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SKI MY23 REN X RS 850E TEC PlatSilverSpartanRed Action 05847 RGB Web

Renegade X-RS

A hard-charging, race-inspired machine with the most advanced features and technology.

Nobody does it quite like us

Revolutionize your ride, the Ski-Doo way. Our trail snowmobiles are made for equal parts comfort, looks and excitement for both 1-up and 2-up riding. We deliver performance when you need it, as well as a smooth ride that just cruises along when you want to take things easier and take in the sights.


Every mile matters. Whether you want to make a statement with your sled or add more function and convenience to it, Ski-Doo trail accessories deliver the goods.

MXZ Blizzard

High-tech features and racing DNA for hardcore trail riders.

x‑team collection

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Trailblazing trail apparel

Our X-Team collection is crafted to fit our proudest, most loyal riders.

Our refreshed trail collection’s premium quality and refined design aesthetic are perfect for riders that go all-out, all day.

Get the complete X‑team Look

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that conquers it all

The Vasa Floatation Collection

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The Ski-Doo

Exo Float System K 2

Our proprietary ExoFloat System features an exoskeleton that is fully body mapped with hi-tech flotation panels that help assist you in case of a fall. It also has mesh panels at the bottom to evacuate water. For optimal performance, wear the jacket and highpants together.

Float to new heights: safety and style

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Innovative all the way

Our Exofloat System drains quickly once your feet are back on solid ground.

Key Benefits

SKI MY23 Apparel Icon Stays Afloat Flotation Assistance 510x510 1


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SKI MY23 Apparel Icon Reflective 510x510 1



Legacy & Absolute 0

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Gear for stone cold fans
and warm rides


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EXOME Helmets


This evolution of the Mod3 features unparalleled airflow, enhanced comfort, functionality and, of course, style at an entry-level price.

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Oxygen Helmets

The lightest Oxygen Helmet ever made

The carbon fiber shell makes this the lightest Oxygen helmet ever made, for all-day comfort on every trail.

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Engineered for all-out everything: the Oxygen helmet

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Rally and Ride:

The Future of the Trails Depends on Us

The next generation of riders recognize their role in preserving the sport


The Future of the Trails Eddie Bergmann Web
Eddie Bergmann
The Future of the Trails Lucas Mallek Web
Lucas Mallek

“It starts with you and me doing our part to protect and respect private lands.”

In the state of Wisconsin, the number 25,000 is significant for two reasons. One, it was that many years ago that the world-class trail system was shaped by a glacial recession that became home to sprawling hardwood forests. the receding ice leaving behind a scattering of the perfect mixture of lakes and rolling hills across the landscape. And two, the state boasts 25,000 miles of trails that climb, wind and descend through a natural landscape that lends itself particularly well to one thing: subzero days at full throttle…

The Future of the Trails Lucas Mallek alt Web
The Future of the Trails 20201122_135644 Web

Without you, the trails that fuel us might not last forever. Take the pledge with Ski-Doo to help us preserve access to our winter playgrounds by scanning the QR code below!


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MXZ 120

Where to begin? Right here.

Ski-Doo kids’ sleds are back! Built with children and teens in mind, the days of leaving the little ones behind are long gone. Say hello to all-in family fun.

SKI MY23 MXZ 200 200cc NeoYellow Lifestyle 04735 RGB Web

MXZ 200

Family Wear

Get Your Kids Kitted Out

Have the little ones feeling cozy and looking good on their next ride with our kids’ apparel. With updated designs, colours, and the same high-quality outerwear, even the coldest of days will feel like a walk in the park.

SKI MY23 MXZ 120 120cc NeoYellow Lifestyle 09227 RGB Web

Give the kids a warm welcome to snowmobiling

The best young riders’ gear: we kid you not

After-ride fun

SKI MY23 MXZ 120 120cc NeoYellow Action 10432 RGB Web

Full Throttle For All Ages

SKI MY23 MXZ 120 120cc NeoYellow Lifestyle 10731 RGB Web

Adventure Unlocked

Our worry-free, fully-curated guided & self-guided Ski-Doo experiences offer access to some of the most iconic destinations in North America.

Find your next adventure on

Ketchum, Idaho
Uncharted winter BRP 0814 Web


SKI MY23 SKA SE 900ACE CatGreyOrangeCrush Action 03391 RGB Web

Skandic SE

Premium utility features with ultimate off-trail traction and flotation.

Ski-Doo sport-utility snowmobiles will have you smiling at a job well done and grinning from ear-to-ear on long adventures. Tough tasks are easier and the good times are even better thanks to incredible comfort, capability and performance.


All you need to make the tough jobs easier and the good times better.

Expedition utility collection

SKI MY23 SKA SE 900ACE CatGreyOrangeCrush Lifestyle 08823 RGB Web

Explore our Expedition

clim8 EN_v3

Clim8® thermal comfort

BRP x clim8 Mockup Web

High performance born of high tech

Enjoy a warmer, more comfortable ride with clim8®. This unique, autonomous, safe and secure technology maintains an optimal thermal comfort level during a specific activity in any conditions.

ski-doo Snapsby Ben Osborne with Aaron Leyland

Ski Doo Snaps LEYLAND 9025 1 Web v2

Dial in your settings and get your trigger finger warmed up, it’s time to capture some magic.

You know that feeling when you’re out on the machine and witness an epic moment, and all you want to do is bottle it up to bring home with you? Us too. But it’s not always that easy. Cold fingers, jammed zippers, and fleeting moments are all too common when you’re out on a Ski-Doo. So, we’ve dialed in a list of must-do’s to help you make memories when you’re out there. Whether you’re a casual iPhone photographer or hoping to make a career out of it, these tips apply all the same, and they’ll help you capture the best of the best. Just make sure you’re having fun while you’re at it.

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Gloves & boots

Grab the best winter gear

Take a look at our superb selection of dedicated hand and footwear.

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Deep snow


Want comfort? No sweat.


Stay comfortable whatever your level of activity by layering your clothing. Get hot, take some off. Get cold, time to zip on a layer.

SKI MY23 FREE 850E TECTurbo TimelessBlackSpartanRed Lifestyle 33862 RGB Web

Trail apparel layering

Deep snow apparel layering


SKI MY23 APP Lifestyle 38044 RGB Web

Practical, stylish, essential.

Gear made for the in-between moments. Load up, look good and get after it.

après- ski


Enter the bar as confidently as you enter a turn on the trail. This gear will give you the same kind of swagger as your riding.

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SKI MY23 APP Lifestyle 19230 RGB Web


If you love your Ski-Doo sled, why not show it? This sled-themed apparel will let everyone know what your favourite ride is.

Deep snow



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